Region 8 Chapter Chair Meeting of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, London

Region 8 Chapter Chair Meeting of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society was held in October 3, 2016 (Crowne Plaza London Docklands) in conjunction with the European Microwave Conference (London, United Kingdom, October 3-7, 2016). The 19th European Microwave Week at the London ExCEL Centre consisted of the Microwave Exhibition and three conferences:  the 46th European Microwave Conference, the European 11th Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference, and the 13th European Radar Conference.

Agenda of the Chapter Chair Meeting included:
–         Opening and welcome by Jan Macháč, Region 8 Coordinator;
–         Address from Ke Wu, MTT-S president ;
–         Address from Daniel Pasquet, MGA Past Chair, Region 8 Coordinator;
–         Status of EuMW by Andrew Gibson;
–         EuMW General Chair Humanitary project;
–         SIGHT – opportunities in North Africa by Tim Lee;
–         New IEEE initiative „Internet of Space“ by Tim Lee;
–         What chapter chairs should know by Mike Golio;
–         Best and worst practices – moderated by Daniel Pasquet Poster Session (in parallel to the whole meeting) – presentation of Chapter activities
–         Presentation by Dr. James Rautio: “Æthereal Waves Make History, the four scientists who saved James Clerk Maxwell’s theories”

In London, IEEE Ukraine Section was presented by its Chairperson and IEEE Region 8 MTT-S Ambassador in Ukraine and Georgia Prof. Felix Yanovsky. Kateryna Ivanko was a representative of the IEEE Ukraine Section (Kyiv) ED/MTT/CPMT/SSCS/COM Societies Joint Chapter to attend the 2016 MTT-S Region 8 Chapter Chair Meeting, and Olga Zamorska represented the IEEE Ukraine Section (West) MTT/ED/AP/CPMT/SSC Societies Joint Chapter.
The best practices of our Joint Chapter are organization, sponsorship, support of conferences, as well as conduction of scientific seminars and technical meetings. Should also be noted a growing interest of young people (students) to the IEEE as a result of our activity.

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