Microwave dielectric structures for micromechanical alteration of frequency and phase characteristics

The report is devoted to the problem of the development of the basics of creating dielectric control of microwave devices with micromechanical way tuning, allowing use of piezoelectric or electrostrictive actuators for electromechanical tuning the characteristics. In contrast, electrical, magnetic and optical methods of tuning, micromechanical method preserves the high quality factor of the systems, has a wider tuning range of adjustment, and the use of dielectric materials has no restrictions on the fundamental operating frequency up to infrared range.

On the basis of the revealed laws the criteria to ensure the best tuning the microwave characteristics at the lowest possible movement of the metal or dielectric parts of the devices, which will ensure the minimum loss are developed.

The micromechanically tunable phase shifters based on partially-loaded dielectric waveguide, microstrip and coplanar transmission lines, the resonant elements based on strip lines, dielectric and shielded dielectric resonators are theoretically and experimentally investigated. The models of the devices are developed.

Developed new and improved existing methods for measuring the electrical parameters of dielectric materials and films.

  • Date: 07 June 2016
  • Time: 04:30 PM to 06:30 PM
  • Guest Attendance: 22
  • IEEE Member Attendance: 14

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